Party Bus Marion Iowa - Some Great Places for Food & Drink!

Marion Iowa is a great place to live and play, and is located in close proximity to Cedar Rapids, which gives it an even broader base when it comes to options! In our visits to Marion, we've come across some great places to wine and dine that we'd like to share with you here!

You'll find that Marion has been around for over 100 years to date, and has a great cultural base within the state of Iowa. You'll find a good number of historical spots to enjoy as well as festivals dedicated to history and the arts. Golfers will also find places to enjoy here, with various public golf courses and country clubs to explore. Whatever you do, you can trust Party Bus Marion to get you to your destination in the ultimate comfort and style!

Ramseys Metro

1120 7th Ave
Marion, IA 52302
(319) 447-1700

This place is hands down our favorite spot to grab a relaxing glass of wine, or a local craft brew. You'll find that they do have a great selection for their dinner and lunch menus, and for dinner time, they often feature live entertainment. If you're hankering for a delicious paninis, you'll want to give their variety of panini's a taste.


895 Blairs Ferry Rd
Marion, IA 52302
(319) 826-6667

Whether you like barbecue, or if you don't, you're going to really enjoy QDogs BBQ! Every time we've come here, we've enjoyed the great service and truly, utterly delicious food. A personal favorite is the pulled pork sandwich, which is literally overflowing with the smoky pork. For a great side, you can't miss out on the cheesy potatos.

The Kettel House

945 6th Ave
Marion, IA 52302
(319) 310-5509

The Kettel House Bakery & Cafe is a great place to grab a small meal, and an even better place to whet your appetite for some sweet goodness! It's set in a quaint old home, but is a bit off the beaten path. They have a wonderful selection of sandwiches, which are all delicious. The baked goods though, they're what will keep you coming back!

Zoey's Pizzeria

690 10th Street
Marion, IA 52302
(319) 377-2840

Zoey's delivers what is probably the most authentic pizza we've found outside of Italy. For real! Their thin crust pizza is absolutely doused with only the very finest ingredients that they can find, and the sauce is simply packed with flavor! If you have a hankering for something a bit more robust, be sure to try their Chicago style.

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