About Party Bus Cedar Rapids

Party Bus Cedar Rapids is constantly growing but always sticking with the policies and pricing that made us your favorite area limousine and party bus provider. We are able to cater to any size group now and you can see how on fleet page.

Our staff members aren't only experienced and qualified in the luxury transportation business, they have been selected by us to assist you based on their willingness to go the 'extra mile' for any given prospective client. This is our mantra throughout our entire business model. You are looking to us to provide you an exceptional luxury transportation experience. We feel that this is precisely what you deserve! If you're not walking away from your party bus or limousine experience with a broad smile on your face, we feel we've not done our job to the perfection we strive for.

We pride ourselves on being able to craft our business around your needs. That is why our telephones are always available ... we are here to answer your inquiries, work with you and assist in any way that we possibly can. Many party bus and limousine companies have surfaced in the past several years but this is something that we plan on doing for the rest of our lives and we treat every day in that fashion.

You get great service for any occasion, with Party Bus Cedar Rapids!